Welcome to Leeland Financial Group Ltd.

We've designed our site with two primary goals:

  • First, we want to let both our new and existing clients understand how we do business and the benefits you can expect with the process we use.We always do what is the best for our client. We at Leeland want you to stay home, stay safe and we will invest your money, so you can sleep at night. Leeland 's mission is to help our clients have better outcome with their money.

  • Second, this site is our gateway to our clients.  You can use it to both get ongoing client reports with updated values on your portfolio but also keep up-to-date on our suggestions and advice and wealth strategy trends. 

We appreciate your business;

Richard Y. Lee

President - Leeland Financial Group Inc.  

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Our Mutual Funds dealer is Monarch Wealth Corporation

A Portfolio that Grows with You • A Friendship that Grows with Us!

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