Client Testimonials

Please Note: The following are real testimonials and are used with the permission from the client. 
Any words appearing with [ ] brackets have been modified due to regulations and do not change the overall intention or meanings of the testimonials.


“I was 21 years old when I first started to invest with Richard Lee; with his guidance I was able to buy my first home at age 25. I have been able to use my investments to build a three-car garage and my “party” patio within the last year. My investments have been very profitable for me. He has also been instrumental in preparing my life insurance that is part of my overall financial plan. I am now fully covered and I’m in a great financial place”.  
Marco Cussigh

“Hi Richard; Just wanted to thank you again for getting me into [your investment method]. I was a little skeptical at first- but I am so happy I did go with your [advice and] investment. The money I have made allowed me to pay off my mortgage and buy a brand new car – a Porsche! - Great Job"!
 – Mick Dolter

“Hello Richard, I wish to extend my thanks to you and your team.  Since we met over 10 years ago, my financial stability and outlook have improved dramatically.  The investment strategies that you introduced me to went far beyond a simple RRSP plan and have allowed me to make more substantial financial gains than I could have ever thought possible at the time. Beyond helping me pull myself out of debt and launching my finances forward, you have also been an invaluable resource and mentor for how to use my assets and earnings wisely.  To put it bluntly, you've helped me go from being broke with nothing to my name, to becoming financially stable with an investment portfolio, a home of my own, additional land and investment properties, a tailored insurance policy for me and my wife, and most importantly the confidence to continually move forward with my financial goals and dreams.  It is amazing how my outlook has changed in 10 years. Thank you Richard, Rita and the Leeland Financial team”.
David Mahdal

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