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It is important for us to take care of each other, and in doing so we take care of ourselves mentally and spiritually. Leeland Financial prides itself on our ability to help others through community efforts supporting those in need. 

St. Bernard Project - June 13, 2015 

On August 29, 2005, Hurricane Katrina struck the New Orleans area, leaving massive, almost indescribable, destruction in her wake. 80% of New Orleans was under water; nearby St. Bernard Parish was deemed 100% uninhabitable.
In concert with this year's MDRT Annual Meeting in New Orleans, MDRT Foundation Canada members joined their counterparts from 17 countries in helping rebuild seven homes for people who were still living in dwellings devastated by the hurricane. The rebuilding effort was organized through St. Bernard Project. Since its founding in 2006, St Bernard Project has rebuilt homes for over 900 families with the help of 100,000 volunteers in New Orleans. 

In support of those still suffering form hurricane Katrina that hit New Orleans in 2005, Richard Lee and Leeland Financial with the Canadian MRDT Foundation were onsite lending a helping hand. A total of seven houses were restored and $50,000 was donated from fundraising efforts to the St. Bernard Parish Project to further help other residents recover from the devastation left behind from Katrina. 

MDRT Foundation Canada, visit www.cmdrtfoundation.org for information on volunteering or donating.

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