Our Process

Our proven five step planning process is used to align your risk tolerance with your portfolio. 

STEP 1 - We start by developing a solid understanding of where you are and where you want to go.  When we first meet, our objective is to review your particular situation and your overall goals, then gather all the relevant information specific to your situation. Identifying your larger scale goals and the objectives through an in-depth discussion of you financial situation, time frame, risk tolerance and expectations is the best approach for aligning our planning skills with your current reality.  

STEP 2 - Next we'll work with you to clarify and help you specify goals.  The process helps us develop clarity about your goals and objectives. Establishing your Investment Profile from your needs analysis, an initial asset mix can be suggested and selected based upon your unique goals, objectives & profile. 

STEP 3 - We then complete our initial analysis. We create and deliver a detailed report of your situation. Recommendations are specific to the plan of action. Along with the in depth analysis, we will review and outline our suggested recommendations for action with you. 

STEP 4 - Your course of action is then established and set for implementation. We will then start your particular plan in motion through use of the chosen financial instruments and arrangements. A custom portfolio is designed based on specific investments to coordinate with your asset allocation strategy. 

STEP 5 - We will review your investment performance quarterly. Any rebalance, comments or appointment required to discuss your financial portfolio at that time will be noted on your financial report and this report will be mailed/emailed to you. It is your responsibility to return signed forms for rebalancing or call the office to make appointments upon receiving your quarterly review. A minimum of two periodic reviews and adjustment sessions with you are required to ensure your financial portfolio progress. Appointments need to be booked by you.

A Portfolio that Grows with You • A Friendship that Grows with Us!

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